From the Laboratory

Working on the gothic tales.

I’ve revamped my Nightshade and Company line on Etsy, and will be featuring all the new, good things beginning this April at various locations around Tulsa.


I’ve formulated seven story lines; The Forest and the Moors, The Sanitarium, The Back Lot, The Cemetery, The Laboratory, The Abandoned House and The Dark Carnival.


Each story has its own different perfumes and other lovely apothecary items (like dry shampoos, burning papers, bath salts, candles), and I’m having a lot of fun with the themes.



Let’s Get Real, Shall We?

Calling all brujas: I woke up this morning after a flurry of wild dreams and it dawned on me that our greatest weapon against evil, hatred and greed doesn’t lie in a constant squall of posts on Facebook or Twitter. It doesn’t lie in watching the news and being bombarded, daily, by whatever new horror is coming out of our nation’s capital. It’s good to stay informed, but do it in small increments. You can learn all you need to know by spending a half hour a day checking reliable sources. We don’t need to be inundated every second of every day. That shit will drain your energy and leave your adrenals looking like raisins.screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-3-18-01-pm

Our greatest weapon lies in action and intention and the joining together as healers, warriors and activists. Facebook isn’t going to cut it.

In addition to posting Luna Joon things, I’ll be focusing on some ancient rituals wise women have been using for years to heal wounds; our wounds as well as the national wounds of xenophobia, unchecked power-grabbing, misogyny, homophobia, lies and unbridled greed. It is time for a shift in paradigm, and I believe we can help that shift along. We are birthing creatures, from maidens to mothers to crones. As girls we birth creativity and playfulness and knowledge; as mothers we birth children and gardens and ideas, and as crones we birth wisdom, healing and everlasting change.

So let’s get down to business. This week I am gathering items to BANISH all negative energy around me and to spread that banishing intention straight to Washington D.C.

First of all, you’ll need a place to put all your items that you will be gathering this week. This must be a sacred space in your home or outside, where items you place won’t be messed with by others.

These are the items you will want to gather: a sage wand, a piece of paper (parchment is an excellent choice), black salt (grind charcoal and sea salt together…it should look something like this:), screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-3-03-31-pm

…a photo (if there is a specific person or persons who embody the negative things we are banishing), a candle (a black candle works best, but if you can’t find a black candle, any type will do…even a tealight), a fireproof bowl or shell (see below), one of the following essential oils – clary sage, clove, or frankincense, and either rosemary or basil (fresh or dried).


While you are gathering these things over the next few days, put your intentions into every item as you pick them up, handle them and arrange them on your sacred space. Imagine all evil packing its bags and leaving our nation’s capital in disgrace. Imagine love and light replacing that evil. Think about banishing corruption and replacing it with cooperation, unity, diversity, compassion and love.

On Friday, February 10th, anyone who would like to participate in using these items for their intentions are invited to do so. In the meanwhile, keep working (calling your state representatives, writing letters, practicing self and other care and connecting with the divine power of the source of all creation inside of you). In a few days, I will be posting how to use these items on the full moon (2/10) for those who are not familiar with the process.

I’m coming out of the closet today, and will be using my blog, my voice and my abilities as a bruja to shift the inevitable paradigm. The more who join, the better. You don’t have to be a bruja to do this. Women have gathered for centuries to use the elements of the earth and intentions in order to bring goodness and healing into the world. Have you ever made a wish while blowing out candles on a birthday cake? This is no different; it’s just amplified ritual. I’m a follower of Jesus the Christ and the Divine Source of all creation who sent Him. It doesn’t matter your religion or your beliefs…you are a woman, and you have the gift. This is prayer intensified, pure and simple.

Screen shot 2017-02-01 at 3.50.28 PM.png

I’ll also be focusing on the creative energy that is Luna Joon, and the wonderful city that is Tulsa…but right now there are some significantly pressing matters to address.

Please join me.

Exploring Tulsa

Cupcakes and Sparkle


I often walk across downtown Tulsa to the post office (about 8 city blocks from where I live) to mail orders from Luna Joon. Just a block from the post office, and right on my way is Pinkitzel. After all that walking and package sending, I sometimes sit down for a break and a cupcake.

I love the whole Marie Antoinette vibe in this famous sweet shop…and in addition to every kind of confectionary imaginable, they also sell two of my favorite retail lines: Tokyo Milk and Papaya Art. You can also purchase sparkly seasonal decorations, stationary and candles. Stop in and check them out at 201 S. Denver Avenue West.

The Seven French Girls

The Seven French Girls of Design

Combining Writing and Design

Aside from blogging and making things, I’m working on a lifestyle/design/fiction book called The Seven French Girls of Design.


I’m writing the lives and tastes of seven French women, including

Valentine, whose taste tends toward the Medieval period; Sidonie, who enjoys French Provencial; Antoinette, my Baroque and Rococo stylist; Josephine, who embodies the French Empire period; Anouk…my Art Nouveau bohemian; Colette, the jazz singer and club girl from the 20s and 30s and finally, Lilou, my mid-century modern beret wearing, poodle walking mademoiselle.

Each chapter will tell the story of its character as well as act as a sort of guidebook to living that style, from fashion to recipes to palettes and interior decor. Each chapter will also instruct how to throw un grand evénément like a wedding, a birthday bash, a tailgate event or a baby shower.

I’ll be posting updates as the book progresses.


Everyday Musings

Welcome to My World

Tulsa is the city where I was born. Oklahoma was the place I called home until I was fourteen.

Then I moved away to live a west coast life for more than three decades. While living in Oregon and Washington, I got a degree in journalism, a degree in interior design, and started three different businesses. I wrote, I made stuff, and I designed furniture and turned homes, bars, restaurants, lodges and yoga studios into aesthetically beautiful and creative spaces. I raised two phenomenal children. I got married and divorced twice. I got tattoos, learned 46 different ways to make coffee and developed a strong appreciation for the bohemian lifestyle. I tended bar and taught set design to middle schoolers. French became my second language and Paris became my second home.

But I never acclimated to the rain and the seemingly never ending stream of grey days. I longed for sun, mimosa trees and the sound of cicadas of my youth. 

So I moved back to Oklahoma in 2008…to my hometown where a lot of my family still live (Weatherford). I wrote for a newspaper for awhile, fell in love twice, opened a retail boutique called Luna Joon…and then (after what felt like an eight year period of rural purgatory scarce in culture and free-thinking), I moved to Tulsa. Full circle. Back to the city of my birth.

I decided to live in the East Village district, because of its very bohemian vibe and downtown location. I got an apartment down the street from Hodges Bend (which makes the best craft cocktails I’ve ever had) Bohemian Pizza, the Artist’s Loft, Girouard Vines Winery, the Fur Shop (a punk pub where they allow my dog to hang with me) and several other wonderful shops and restaurants. Here’s what my apartment looks like on the inside:

boho I have this big, aubergine sofa I purchased from Restoration Hardware aptly called “The Cloud”…and it acts as the centerpiece to my main living area.


I love vintage saris, and I use them a lot in my fabric art…so I decided to hang one above my bed in my bedroom.


Here is door leading to my hallway, where I’ve placed one of my favorite furniture pieces; a massive fireplace mantle from an 1850s plantation house that was destroyed in a fire. The fireplace was the only thing that survived. It has burn marks in its top right hand corner.


I decorate it for the seasons (this photo is from a couple of months ago when it was decked out with seashells, silver glass bulbs and white LED lights for summer). I also have a whole lot of books. I’m a bookworm.
Then there’s my kitchen, which is small but awesomely efficient.


And finally…here’s me. I hope to share a lot of things with you…my favorite Tulsa hangs, recipes from my alchemist archives (for things ranging from perfumes to incense papers to concoctions for every day and special rituals), and musings on living a life unencumbered by convention.


I’m a world traveler who loves to write, an artist who loves to create, a designer who loves to make everything around me beautiful, and an alchemist who likes to transform everyday things into extraordinary experiences. I’m looking for like-minded to people to join my soul community. Here I am…where are you?