La Vie Bohéme

Off and Running…

Luna Joon has been open for a month and a half, and so far she’s fitting in well with her new bohemian neighborhood.


It feels good to be a shopkeeper again, and I have my studio on location so I can happily sit and make potions and fashions all day while minding the business.

The apothecary end is coming along, with both Luna Joon and Nightshade and Company lines nearly complete (every time I think I’ve made enough things, a new idea pops into my head).


I have plenty of pretty Moonbeams to model the clothing and jewelry….


…and so life is going well in the East Village in Tulsa, in the land of red dirt and tornados.

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Finally…a Brick and Mortar Shop Again!

I’ve been so incredibly busy these past few weeks, now that I’ve found out I’ll be opening an actual storefront in the East Village District of Tulsa. It’s a perfect location in a perfect building…”The 808″ on Third Avenue, downtown.


I’ve been busy curating clothing, as well making apothecary items and perfumes like mad. Luna Joon will carry both lines: “Luna Joon’s Cosmic Apothecarium” and “Nightshade and Company” (my gothic inspired cornucopia of hauntingly wonderful perfumes, lotions, incenses and other natural body treats).


Also in The 808, I’ll be collaborating with renown artist, Janet Fadler-Davie…one of Tulsa’s icons in the world of art. The boutique will be located in front of the spacious downstairs of the building, and Janet’s studio and classroom space will be located in the behind Luna’s armoires full of frocks.

17498927_1378863802172752_5299177865050585_n(Painting by Janet Fadler-Davie)

We’re already planning events (Wine and Poetry Nights, Trunk shows, art and fashion themed cocktail parties, fashion shows, live music events and a wide array of art and other classes. We’re also putting our heads together to plan festivals and vendor events sponsored by Luna Joon and The Artist’s Loft of Tulsa.


(Poetry scrolls in wine glasses).

Stay tuned…especially if you live in the Tulsa area. Lots of magic to come!