Stingy Jack, and How to Keep the Devil at Bay.

Once upon a time, as creepy celtic legend has it, a drunk was at a bar with the devil and he made a wager which the devil lost (he wanted out of the beer tab, and he tricked the devil into paying).

Well, we all know when we make a deal with the devil, no good can come of it, and the drunk, known as Stingy Jack, was banned from both heaven and hell when his time came…doomed to wander in darkness with only a hollowed out turnip (used as a lantern) to light his way.

Screen shot 2017-10-14 at 3.07.33 PMPoor Stingy Jack.

And that, my dears, is why we all carve pumpkins at the time of year when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. Making the Lanterns of Jack keeps the devil at bay, and gives Stingy Jack props for getting the best of ol’ Lucifer while drinking at the bar.

But you can also use your carved turnips, gourds and pumpkins to bring luck, prosperity and health throughout the year as well, by sprinkling the insides of your carved lanterns with herbs and oils before setting them out to welcome little ghosts and goblins to your door.

Liberally rubbing allspice throughout your lantern will bring luck and prosperity.

Throwing in some cardamom seeds will perk up your lust/love life, or draw a new lover to your door.

Nutmeg will aid your intuition…and bring peaceful (and sometimes prophetic) dreams.

Orange peel will bring happiness and a sense of well being. It will also bring more beauty into your life.

Cloves will dispatch troublesome neighbors, stalkers, old boyfriends/girlfriends, and keep gossips and other ugly people away from you. They will also help you conquer bothersome habits.

Ginger will bring all kinds of good stuff to your way, from love to health to happiness.

And after carving, dressing and lighting your pumpkins, here is a FABULOUS recipe for eating those super addictive and healthy roasted pumpkin seeds (if you have the patience to clean them thoroughly of the pumpkin guts before popping them in the oven).

Screen shot 2017-10-14 at 3.36.59 PM

Clean the seeds thoroughly, throw them into a pot of salted, boiling water, then reduce the water to a simmer and let the seeds cook for about 10 minutes. Next, drain the water, pat them fairly dry with a paper towel, then toss them with olive oil and sea salt. Spread them in a pan (don’t overlap them) and pop them into a 325 degree oven for 10 minutes. Take them out, give them a stir and re-separate them…then pop them back into the oven for another 8 to 10 minutes, until the shells are JUST a golden color. When you remove them the first time to stir them, cool a seed and pop it open to make sure the insides aren’t getting too done, because the insides can burn even if the outsides look fine. When they’re finished roasting, just shake on a little more sea salt (or other flavorings) and enjoy!

As a side note, pumpkin seeds are packed with iron, magnesium, zinc, fiber, protein and that wonderful, natural drug tryptophan (the stuff in turkey meat that makes you sleepy)…so they’re great for a bedtime snack.

And that’s how to get the most from your Jack ‘o Lanterns this Samhain season!




Cleaning House

The full moon is only two days away, and as promised, here are the instructions for the sister ritual we will be doing. It will send our combined energies and intentions into the universe, which is a very powerful and effective way to get rid of negativity, malevolent entities…as well as corrupt and greedy people who would use our lands and our laws to benefit themselves at the expense of others.

First and foremost: only light can drive out darkness…so NEVER wish harm on another when dealing in spiritual matters. That’s dark attempting to drive out darkness, and that almost always creates chaos and makes matters worse. So here’s how I’m going to go about the banishing ritual.

First I made my black salt, adding charcoal to sea salt (with a few drops of clove oil) and thoroughly blending the ingredients.



Then I gathered my other things: a black candle (if you don’t have a black candle, use any candle you have on hand, including a tealight), parchment paper, a photo of the person or thing I want banished from doing harm, dried basil, a sage wand, a fireproof container and frankincense oil. I also grabbed one of my favorite quartz crystals (good energy) and put everything on my sacred space created especially for the ritual.


The first thing I will do Friday is light the sage wand and clear the air around my sacred space. Then I will write my intention (prayer) on the piece of parchment. This is a very personal thing, and each person should use their own words to express what they would like to ask of the divine Source (however you see Him or Her or It…I am a Christian so I will implore the Source of All Creation and the sender of Jesus the Christ and all the saints to hear my prayer). Remember, rituals are highly personal and your own intuition and inner knowledge should guide  your words. Write your prayer or intention on the parchment. Take the photo of the thing you would like banished and mark an “X” across it in black ink (a sharpie works well).

Next, take your frankincense or other essential oil and anoint your candle, thinking about your intention. Sometimes it helps to express this intention out loud while you are oiling your candle.

Light your candle and read the prayer or intention on your parchment. Imagine the person or thing you want banished packing their bags and leaving. Imagine that person, persons or thing moving into the horizon until they/it becomes a small dot, then disappears completely. Send that person or thing on their way (far, far away) with kindness. I know this can be difficult, but it is necessary to always keep rituals positive. Then imagine what you want to see in his, their or its place. I will be imagining a White House filled with light, justice and people who truly want to move our country forward in peace, love, tolerance and opportunity for all Americans.

Next, SAFELY burn the photo and the parchment in your fireproof container, and mix the ashes with the black salt. Add your herb or herbs, and imagine the black salt binding (soaking up) what you are banishing. Also, black salt will provide protection for you from the banished person/thing. That person/thing will no longer be able to cause you so much stress and anxiety.

Pour a few drops of your essential oil into the ashes and salt, and repeat the words “I bind you from causing harm, I bind you in peace”. Then take the ashes and salt and put them into a container (paper bag, plastic ziplock bag, muslin sack…whatever you have on hand).

Then take that container and bury it or throw it in a body of water. You can also simply toss it in the garbage, but remove the garbage from your house immediately. Wipe your hands clean with three swift claps…

And, the ritual is complete.