The Seven French Girls

The Seven French Girls of Design

Combining Writing and Design

Aside from blogging and making things, I’m working on a lifestyle/design/fiction book called The Seven French Girls of Design.


I’m writing the lives and tastes of seven French women, including

Valentine, whose taste tends toward the Medieval period; Sidonie, who enjoys French Provencial; Antoinette, my Baroque and Rococo stylist; Josephine, who embodies the French Empire period; Anouk…my Art Nouveau bohemian; Colette, the jazz singer and club girl from the 20s and 30s and finally, Lilou, my mid-century modern beret wearing, poodle walking mademoiselle.

Each chapter will tell the story of its character as well as act as a sort of guidebook to living that style, from fashion to recipes to palettes and interior decor. Each chapter will also instruct how to throw un grand evénément like a wedding, a birthday bash, a tailgate event or a baby shower.

I’ll be posting updates as the book progresses.



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