I Wish I Were Hanging Out Here Tonight

I Wish I Were Hanging Out Here Tonight

I miss Paris.
I was just there a couple months ago, but the problem with Paris is every time I leave I just want to go back. Right away.

So, I’m making plans to move there to work on a book in a couple of years. In the meantime, I’ll stay busy with Luna Joon and Nightshade and Company and all the busy-ness owning a business entails.

But I’ll still be thinking about Paris…and my first night back in the City of Lights and how I walked to Cafe Balzac and had a perfect glass of red wine.

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The Big Rock Plantation

The Big Rock Plantation

This is my home…The Big Rock Plantation. It sits on three rocky acres at the foot of a mountain in the Wichitas (the oldest mountain range in the United States)…and it’s where all my alchemy magic is made. It’s also where a whole bunch of flora and fauna reside, native to this southwestern part of the country. I share the plantation house and its environs with cactus, scorpions, rattlesnakes, wild pigs, roadrunners, tarantulas, raccoons, deer, mountain lions and all manner of crawling and creeping and flying things. I never get lonely. Well…and then there’s that Englishman, too.

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Outside the Kitchen Door

Today I decided to spruce up the Big Rock Plantation by putting some pots of flowers outside the kitchen door (which is the door I most often use to enter the house).  I’m supposed to be filling orders for Luna Joon and Nightshade and company (I’m averaging about 2 online per day now)…but I decided potting fall flowers in the 90 degree heat would sweatier and burn more calories.

The trip to Paris and London is only 5.5 weeks away, and I still have 10 pounds to lose…so sweating is good. And, it’s a lot more fun to come home to pots of flowers rather than a bare, boring concrete entry every day.

Now I’d better get my ass into the workshop and make some aromatherapy shower tabs and some Wigglenose counter spray or I’ll have some unhappy customers. Image

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Dr. DeLacroix’s Simply Astounding Bedside Smelling Salts

drdelacroixI made up some new stuff for Nightshade and Company…

Smelling salts are a good, old-fashioned Steampunk, Victorian, Gothic way to get your aromatherapy fix…so I made three kinds: Rise and Shine (for invigorating and reviving), Soothing Repose (to calm and relax) and Vigorous Libido (to…well…get the engines revved for a little hanky panky).

There will be a little corner of the new shop just for Nightshade and Company…because everyone has a little bit of a dark side (and I don’t mean dark in an evil sense…although some people definitely have that)…but I’m talking about the side that likes the night, enjoys a good scary movie, etc. I have a really strong gothic side…which is in direct opposition to my very upbeat and shiny and light hippie chick side.

I guess you could say I have a decent personality disorder. It’s part of my irresistible charm.

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New Shop

New Shop

Ok. Hooray!!! I finally got a retail space! After a year and 1/2 of waiting, Luna Joon will finally open on Cobblestone Row in Medicine Park.

‘Bout time! I’m going stir crazy working from home.

I just placed a huge order for supplies to make more kickass botanicals for the shop. Beeswax and soy for scented candles, mica for a new body bronzer, containers for new bedside smelling salts…and so on and so forth.

I’m gonna be busy.

And…I’m selecting a wonderfully bohemian fall lineup of clothing.

It’s going to be every bit as magical as the Weatherford shop…probably more.

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Big Ideas

Big Ideas

I have no idea why I got the big idea to turn my secret botanical recipes into a business. Right now I’m sitting here looking at a whole bunch of orders that have to be made, labeled and shipped (or delivered) by tomorrow…and more to be done by Saturday.

I’m blessed with work, I reckon.

I just made two new aromatherapy sprays for the summer…one is for hippies (like me) named Flower Child, and the other one is for putting on your skin to perfume it and to reduce sun damage called Summer of Love.

I like the sprays. They’re like instant little smell-good treats that you can just keep using all day long.

It’s the simple things.

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And if THAT wasn’t weird enough…

And if THAT wasn't weird enough...

I have writer’s block. A bad case of it. I used to write every day…for a living…so my brain had lots of practice.

Anyway, that’s probably why I don’t blog much anymore. (When I wrote for a living I blogged almost every day because when you’re on a roll, you might as well use lots of words). Also, I had the newsroom to blog about.

Now I work from home so the only shenanigans that go on during any given day are merely my own, and they really aren’t that interesting. Not most days, anyway.

So, the kid on the right is how I look when I have writer’s block. Which is now.

I guess I’d better start blogging more.

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Creepy Me.

Creepy Me.

I like having two polar opposite businesses. Luna Joon is all flower child-like and happy. Peace and Love.

Nightshade and Company is dark, demented and disturbed. The fragrances are heady and intense.

Some days all I want to do is put on Joni Mitchell or Simon and Garfunkel and blend shiny, happy, hippie things.

Some days I want to listen to the ethereal music of Hildegarde Von Bingen or The Cure and blend things that smell like the interiors of funeral homes or gothic cathedrals.

It’s good to have outlets for various personality disorders.

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About a month ago, when we were on San Juan Island visiting my daughter, I was introduced to nooch. We were at the movies, sharing a big bucket of popcorn, when my daughter pulled out a canister of strange looking flaky stuff and sprinkled it all over our snack.

It smelled a little weird, and tasted a little weird…but it was sort of one of those things that is so different and you kind of like it so you eat it, despite the weird.

It had a cheesy, nutty flavor and a super flaky texture. My daughter explained that it was “nutritional yeast” and that it’s really good for you…packed with vitamins and protein. “It’s great for vegetarians, mom” she said.

So today when I went to the grocery store I saw the same stuff my daughter sprinkled on our popcorn that night and I bought some. Oddly enough, I was craving it. After dinner, I made some popcorn and covered it with my new nooch. Then I ate it all up. Nooch-y goodness!

And here’s the deal; whether or not you’re a vegetarian, this stuff is packed with tons of good stuff for your insides. It is full of B vitamins so it lowers your stress level and ups your energy levels. It has ALL 9 essential amino acids, and it boosts your immune system. It kicks toxin ass and…best of all…it provides anti-aging nucleotides, the building blocks of genetic-defining DNA and RNA…so it keeps you young!!!

I guess you’re just never to old to learn about good things to put in your mouth. Getcha some.

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It’s Open!!!

It's Open!!!

I only have four perfume oils up, but I’ve finally opened my Nightshade and Company shop on Etsy.

I’m pretty excited, really.

Coming up with stories to go with each perfume is a little challenging, and I feel rusty on my writing skills. I asked the Englishman to look at the new Etsy page and check out the descriptions of the individual items and he said “Too many words! It’s like you’re blogging and selling at the same time”.

I tried to explain to him that when women shop they like to know the story behind what they’re buying. The concept is lost on him. He’s a guy. Guys like three-word sentences.

Check it out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/NightshadeandCompany

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